Interface development


You want a site that is aesthetically pleasing, and has maximum effectiveness, easy navigation, and an enhanced user experience.  How the user experiences the end product is the key to whether they will return to your site.  Your website should look good and do what the user want's it to do.  How do you achieve this and what type of design/application will you need to develop a good website?  Start by asking yourself a series of questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How technical savvy are they?
  • What does the site/page need to do?
  • What service are you trying to provide?
  • What system does it need to interact with?
  • What is the brower compatibility?

If your target audience isn't very technical savvy, it's obvious that you have to keep your site simple with easy to use tools. Knowing your users needs and goals is essential.  While you do want to offer the last in technology and what the web has to offer, form must always follow function.  If the user can't use the technology or it is confusing, it will only increase frustration and the user won't return to the site.  Get to know your user and what they want and you'll know what you should include in you site.  How many of us have technical gadgets with a huge list of options, but only use a small selection of the capabilities that are offered.  A good web designer will consider this.


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Getting found on the web and promoting your site to a target audience is essential.  There are numerous options.  Search engine submission is where it begins, but it doesn't end there.  Here are a list of suggested sites to help


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Where to Turn for Help


Even the best web/graphic designers will encounter problems.  Whether it's a problem with javascript, browser compatibility or software issues you can most likely find help on the web.  The obvious beginning is to google the problem.  After that, another good place is to search blogs of those who use the product or are in the industry.  Many people will blog about issues and offer free advice to bring traffic to their site.  There are some bloggers who's soul purpose is offering advice, support and resources.  Some products offer support via phone or online chat, but my experience has been that it's time consuming and not as resourceful as those online bloggers and professionals using the product on a daily basis.


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Interactive Designer, Front-end Developer and more

Hi my name is Michelle Harmon-Reed.  I am a web and graphic designer based in Quincy, MA.  I earned my Associates Degree in graphic design in 2006.  I have  a range of skills in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Indesign, E-comerce, photography, slideshow presentation, and social media

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